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What to Expect from Your Latex Mattress

The catch-all guide to latex, latex mattresses, and what to expect from them!

So! You've bought a brand new mattress! Having done your research about quality and longevity, you've chosen a latex mattress! But, what exactly can you expect from a latex mattress? How does it differ from a more mainstream mattress?

Here, we'll share the top 5 tips we have for caring for your new natural mattress!

Tip #1 - Offgassing

If you've ever had a new mattress, you might know about a term called off-gassing. These are the odor-causing chemicals that come off a typical mattress in the first week or so of you have it. Many health experts recommend you let it air out before you sleep on it, due to these chemicals having potential health risks.

However, IAdjust Mattresses are made entirely chemical-free! This means there is no off-gassing and no potential health risks associated with it. Instead, while there may be a mild scent at first when you remove your mattress from its encasement, it's been compared to natural vanilla rather than any offending odor. This scent is far less likely to cause any health issues other mattresses may cause while airing out, such as headaches, throat irritation, and in extreme cases, cancer.

Tip #2 - Adjusting

No, we're not talking about how IAdjust Mattresses are specifically made to be compatible with adjustable bases. Instead, here's a piece of advice for getting used to your own mattress: Let your body adjust.

After years of sleeping on another mattress, your body will need time to get used to your bed. Don't add anything toppers or padding for about 1 month, instead enjoy the mattress as is.

If, afterward, it's still not comfortable, don't worry! IAdjust Mattress allows for a 90-day comfort exchange! Come in, and swap it out for something more of your taste!

Tip #3 - Adjust

Still, if you bought an IAdjust Mattress with an adjustable base, don't be afraid of playing around with it! Finding out where your most comfortable sleep is is one of the key benefits of having an adjustable base! Whether you like to be sitting nearly upright, or enjoy having your feet up in the air, or anywhere in between, an adjustable base will ensure you have the most control over how you sleep! If something isn't working, try something else!

Tip #4 - Superior Quality

Each and every latex mattress is made with care! Thanks to that, there's a large difference in quality between a latex mattress, and your typical memory foam or coil mattress. Namely, how long it lasts without losing any of its shape, softness, or support! While a typical memory foam mattress will last around 8 to 10 years, a latex mattress will last closer to 15 to 20 years before it even starts to degrade in quality!

Not to mention, the open cell structure of latex will result in more airflow throughout the mattress, ensuring you sleep cool! Memory foam notoriously traps heat, so if you're looking for a more temperature-regulated rest, enjoy latex!

Tip #5 - Enjoy!

Lastly, just enjoy one of the best night's sleep you've ever had!

So.....In Summary,

Why wait to buy your latex mattress? Buy yours today!

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