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The Creek 10" Organic Solid Latex Mattress by iAdjust is 100% certified Organic Latex and Chemical-free. As with all latex mattresses, it has an active response, making it easier to move and eliminating any pressure points. It delivers the optimal balance of pressure point relief and supports to ensure you have a great morning.

Our brand new line of solid latex mattresses! With Certified Organic Latex, our 10” Euro Top Medium Mattress will enhance and relieve your sleep allowing you to rest with ease!


These mattresses are solid latex, offering the world's best support and longevity, not to mention the eco-friendliness that we're so proud to offer in all our products!  With organic and responsibly sourced materials, including ethically gathered wood, eco-friendly latex, fire-resistant wool, and organic blended cotton, you are sure to have the sleep of your life!


  • 1” Soft – GOLS Organic Latex Sewn Cover
  •  Euro Top Using iAdjust OCS White/Gray Fabric 
  • 6” Firm Base Foam 34-38 ILD Organic Latex
  • 3” Soft Foam top layer 14-18 ILD Organic Latex Organic 

Creek 10" Organic Solid Latex Firm Mattress

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