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A bowl of latex sap.


Pastoral Scene, with sheep all over.


A row of steel springs.


Our Foundation

Nature is the foundation of everything we do! 

We believe fully in providing sustainable products, to ensure that your sleep is chemical-free and as eco-friendly as possible! 

By supporting both you and the planet, we hope to build a better future for all of us, one mattress at a time!

An image of a wheat strand.

Qualifications and Certifications

Navigating the crowded marketplace can make it challenging to determine the authenticity of claims made by companies, especially when it comes to organic or natural mattresses!

However, we understand your concerns and have taken steps to alleviate them. We proudly showcase our awards and certifications, providing you with reassurance that our mattresses truly meet the highest standards of organic and natural excellence. Rest assured, when you choose our mattresses, you're selecting only the finest quality for your sleep needs!

The OCS-100 Logo, reading Organic 100 content standards in a circle around a green leaf.
Organic 100 Content Standard Logo.

Organic 100

The OCS label grade '100' guarantees a minimum of 95% certified organic fibers.

A logo reading latex rubber, with a stylized image of latex sap dripping into a cup.
Fair Rubber Trade Logo.

Fair Rubber Trade

By choosing our products, you support sustainable and fair practices that benefit both the environment and the livelihoods of rubber farmers.

A logo reading Eco institut tested product.
Eco Institut Tested Product Logo



A reliable quality label for products fulfilling the strictest requirements on pollutants and emissions following the latest international research.

A green footprint with a leaf as the heel, text below reads carbon neutral.
A foot, with a leaf for the heel. Carbon negative logo.

Carbon Negative

Embracing sustainability, all our products proudly bear the distinction of being carbon-negative. We take great pride in our carbon-negative status, assuring you that by choosing our products, you are making a positive impact on the environment.

A green cutout on California, with the words 65 on the edge.
A green image of California - with a 65 next to it. Prop 65 approved.

Prop 65


We've obtained Prop 65 approval, it meets the safety standards set by the state of California regarding harmful chemicals and substances.

A logo that reads oeko tex, confidence in textiles.
Oeko-text: confidence in textiles standard 100 logo.



We proudly hold the OEKO-TEX certification, demonstrating adherence to strict standards for safety and sustainability in textile production.

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