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Our Bamboo Sheet Set is one of our newest additions to our product line, and we're so excited to show them off! 

  • Fitted Sheets (15" Pocket)
    • 4 Pillowcases (2 in Twin/TXL sets)
    • Oversized Flat Sheet
    • 1" 360° Elastic
    • The iAdjust line of Bamboo Sheets and
    Pillowcases are 100% Bamboo Viscose!
    • The set includes top and bottom sheets
    and 4 pillowcases! The fitted sheet has a
    1" 360° band to hold onto your
    mattress and keep your sheet snug.
  • 300 TC: Perfect count for breathability!


Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources out there!

Not to mention, it's super comfortable and helps you stay cool and dry all night long! 


With our generous sizes, our sheets will work with your mattress no matter how tall it is, and our thick band sizes will ensure they stay on no matter how much you toss and turn! 

Add on being hypoallergenic and entirely eco-friendly and renewable, and you've got yourself your best night's sleep!

Simply Cuddly Bamboo Sheet

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