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Inspired by Life

Why latex? It's a good question! Latex is more sustainable, more durable, and more comfortable than other mattress types! 

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Our products are manufactured with 100% natural or organic latex. As tapping does not harm the trees, they are responsible for removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than the plantation creates. Certified by international companies such as the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Eco Institut, it shows a testament to our quality and eco-friendliness on an international standard. 

Latex is unique in that it is fully biodegradable, so rather than contributing to the thousands of mattresses in your local landfill, this mattress can be returned to the earth. Additionally, latex is a far more durable material than traditional options, letting you sleep in comfort for longer. 

Together, through sustainable manufacturing and practices without compromising on your comfort, with beds that last longer and do better, we can all do our part to save the planet.

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Coils poking through your pillowtop? Memory foam causing you to sweat through the night?

Latex is old material, made with a combination of traditional and new technologies! Tried and tested by history, latex is durable, conforming to the shapes and contours of your body, without losing its shape! 

It sleeps cool, and is mold and mildew-resistant! 

Coils, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses tend to break down sooner than latex mattresses! Coils, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses usually break down within 8-10 years. Latex mattresses last nearly double that, at 15-20 years! When mattresses break down, they tend to lose support, sagging. This can cause back pain, headaches, and poorer sleep. 

Sleep more comfortably tonight, by making the switch today! 

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