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Why We Earn Your Business

Everyone knows Amazon. Whether you like it or not, 2-day shipping has wormed its way into our lives and our expectations, and it's in our nature to hold other companies to the standard we set for Amazon. But, what if Amazon's standards aren't high?

Recently, Amazon had to recall over 15000 memory foam mattresses for being fire hazards. As stated by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, "The mattresses fail to meet the mandatory federal flammability standard for mattresses, posing a fire hazard.” You should be careful with any mattress, but, what exactly are the industry standards for mattresses, and do we meet them?

1. Health

A mattress is more than just something you sleep on. You're asleep for nearly a third of your entire life, which means the time you spend in your bedroom is not an insignificant part of your life. You wouldn't expose yourself to harmful chemicals for a third of your day without protection, so why do you do so with your mattress?

Typical mattresses release VOCs or volatile organic compounds. The effects of VOC's range, depending on how long you've been breathing them in, and any pre-existing health conditions, but. The most common dangers after prolonged exposure can cause headaches, respiratory illnesses, and a variety of cancers. Children, the Immunocompromised, and the elderly are especially at risk.

However, most fire-resistant treatments applied to mattresses are a mix of harmful chemicals, or, scarily enough, fiberglass, which can be so fine that it can be inhaled, filling your lungs with glass. Not surprisingly, that's not a good thing for anyone.

However, our all-natural latex mattresses are made with naturally fire-resistant material. Wool is naturally flame retardant. It does not ignite easily, burns with a self-extinguishing flame, and forms a soft dissipating ash residue whereas synthetic fibers form a hard, molten bead residue with melt-drip behavior. Not to mention, it's fully biodegradable, and leaves your mattress comfortable!

2. Certifications

How do you know what we say is true? All of our products have been certified by state, federal, and worldwide agencies. OEKO-TEX® consists of 18 independent institutes in Europe and Japan, testing rigorously. If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button, and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article, therefore, is harmless for human health.

GOLS stands for the global organic latex standard. As a globally recognized label, GOLS establishes a clear path and procedure on the route from farmer level to the certified organic latex product manufacturer, encouraging fair social and environmental standards.

Look for more on our main site page!

In general, you should hold all products to high standards, for your own health, and the health of the planet. Without doing so, you're accepting substandard products, which isn't very good for anyone, and especially not you.

All in all, we work to provide you with only the highest standard latex, in health, fair trade, and most important of all, comfort for you!

Sleep is the basis of health, it doesn't make sense to get a good night's sleep on a mattress that may be causing harm to you.

It's why we're inspired by you. the world, and inspired by life.

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