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What to Do

It can seem hopeless, knowing that no matter what you do to offset your carbon footprint, no matter how much you work to seek clean sources of energy, the largest companies of the world contribute far more to pollution than you ever could.

The richest one percent of the world’s population is responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the 3.1 billion people who made up the poorest half of humanity during this critical 25-year period of unprecedented emissions growth.

The top 30 companies in the world contribute to more than 50% of all pollution.

So, what is there to do?

Fight against it! Rather than give up and let the world be destroyed in front of you, fight back! There are so many ways. From protesting, spreading the word, or calling your local representative, there's something for everyone to do in the battle against climate change. The Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Montreal Protocol, and the Clean Water Act, all were enacted because people noticed, and spoke up against the pollution and destruction that was happening around them!

Along with that, withdraw your support from these companies, and support local businesses with a far more transparent effect on the ecosystem!

Not only will you be helping the economy, but you'll also be helping the planet!

This is why we work so hard to show our transparency and make it clear how much we care about the environment. Our goal is to foster healthy indoor environments and promote sustainability. By using natural latex, we eliminate the need for many chemicals, reduce VOCs that may off-gas and harm you, and support workers and farmers who care so much for the trees.

By supporting us, you're not only supporting yourself with a high-quality bed that will last near double the leading brands of beds with no sagging, but you're supporting your future!

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