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The Rise of Latex

Latex is one of the most popular and rapidly rising topics in the mattress industry!


The History of Latex

Latex has a wide and varied history! Latex beds were originally invented in the 1920s, by a man named John Dunlop! While this was very much a rough draft, it set the tone and standard for latex mattresses in the future! It's even rumored that the British royal family was among those who used these latex mattresses!

Years later, the process was further refined and perfected, so much so that we use the same process a century later!

Latex was durable and very supportive! These brilliant innovations even made latex the bed of choice for hospitals at the time!

Sadly, during World War 2, when most of the latex plantations were out of US control, latex fell out of fashion, as it was near impossible to get, and very expensive to process.

Thankfully, latex is making a resurgence!

Why latex is popular

Why is latex so popular? Why is latex praised for its health benefits and lauded for its comfort?

Latex has many benefits. Latex naturally has an open-cell structure, allowing for easier airflow! This makes keeping cool during sleep easier than ever! Along with that, latex is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and dust mite repellant! This makes it a good choice for anyone with year-long allergies, or anyone who wants to have a clean and healthy sleep experience as possible!

Not to mention, latex does not off-gas. While most people recognize off-gassing by the plastic smell, they might not recognize the harmful side effects that come from breathing in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for an extended period of time. Things such as eye and throat irritation, headaches, and even cancer are all side effects!

Along with that, latex lasts nearly twice as long as other mattresses! Latex is far more durable than other materials, thanks to it bouncing back! This means it will keep giving you support for far longer, letting you sleep in comfort for longer!

Latex and the environment

Latex has a fantastic effect on the environment! Latex is a type of sap that comes from a latex tree. Tapping trees for latex doesn't harm them at all, allowing them to remove carbon from the environment!

Unlike other mattresses, latex is biodegradable and completely recyclable! From the steel coils to the cotton cover, to the latex material, every part of this bed is completely recyclable! Rather than rotting in a landfill and releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, latex will simply return to the earth!

Why do you need latex?

Latex is one of the best choices for bed in the modern age. Lasting nearly 20 years, it offers more support, better sleep, and better quality than any other mattress out there.

So, why do you need latex? Because you deserve good sleep to support your day-to-day! You deserve comfort and support at a great price, that will last you years and years!

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