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The Importance of Your Health

There are so many conflicting sources of information on the internet. Asking if memory foam is the best, asking if coils are comfortable. While I'm not here to share what mattress is the best on an individual level, I am here to share the facts and information that will help you decide on your perfect mattress.

Are organic mattresses really worth it?

It depends! Organic mattresses don't contain many of the chemicals that other mattresses have. Those chemicals are usually volatile organic compounds. When these off-gas, it can cause health issues. Things such as headaches, nausea. damage to the liver and kidneys, or, in extreme cases, different forms of cancer.

Organic mattresses do not off-gas, as these are certifiably made without VOCs. VOCs negatively affect our most vulnerable populations. People with immune system disorders, children, and the elderly, are all shown to have more negative effects from off-gassing than any other group.

What are the benefits of our organic mattresses?

While there are too many to list, largely, some of my favorite benefits of latex mattresses are the fact that they're mold resistant! Beds often absorb moisture, and if they're not properly vented, can start to mold on the bottom. Thankfully, these are mold-resistant, letting you rest easy without worrying about them! They're also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, repellant towards dust mites, and chemical-free!

What are the environmental effects of organic mattresses?

I can't speak for every latex mattress provider, but ours have many effects on the environment. However, unlike typical providers, ours is a positive effect! Certified carbon negative, meaning we take more carbon out of the air than we produce.

All of our practices are sustainable and ethically harvested. Additionally, our mattresses are 100% recyclable. The steel, latex, wool, and cotton are all easily taken out and recycled, either for other products or simply to be returned to the earth.

Are organic mattresses comfortable?

While the level of plushness is customizable, all of our mattresses only offer the best support! Additionally, they come with many added comfortable features. Hot sleepers, listen up! Latex does not hold heat as much as materials like memory foam do. They also are naturally moisture-wicking, thanks to the wool and cotton that make up the mattress! This will help you to keep dry and comfortable, whether you're a hot or cold sleeper!

How long do latex mattresses last? How long do other's last?

Of course, for any mattress, it varies. Depending on the type of mattress, the kind of sleeper, and environment!

However, generally, it is recommended that you replace an average mattress every 7-8 years. With a latex mattress, their lifespan extends to nearly double that, usually around 15-20 years before it's recommended you replace it.

Of course, if your mattress starts to sag and dip, you should replace it earlier. But, latex mattresses are far more durable than the typical mattress, resulting in less dipping and sagging even as it ages.

All in all, while it is up to the individual to decide which mattress is best for them, it's hard not to see the many advantages that switching to an organic mattress will give you. To sleeping comfortably, knowing that you won't have to replace it for nearly a decade, and knowing you're supporting a company that is devoted to helping change the environment, are all factors to be considered when looking at these mattresses.

Finally, I hope more than anything else, this helped share some information about the overly complicated world of mattress buying. The consumer should be informed as they make their choices, to properly find the perfect bed suited perfectly for them!

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