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The Changing Scene of Mattresses

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

As someone who's been in the mattress business for a long time, I've seen many changes in the scene. From marketing choices to even the kind of mattress they push, it's hard not to notice some of the more negative choices in this business.

A bedroom of grey and white, with a window leading to the forest.

Most definitely, the decrease in quality that so many mattresses have. It's shocking, to see so many people pushing that their mattresses haven't changed when we can all see they definitely have.

Even worse, is when they do change with the times, but in the wrong way. There are many businesses that claim to use recycled materials and all-natural or organic materials. While this is fantastic, as we all should be moving towards a greener tomorrow, many of them sacrifice comfort and quality in order to claim that they're green.

Here, we truly believe that you can have the best of both worlds. Comfort, and peace of mind knowing that you are not contributing to damaging the planet.

With latex mattresses, you can be confident and assured that you are getting the highest support and comfort level, tailored specifically to meet your needs, without sleeping on a monstrous combination of chemicals and plastics, that release chemicals into the air, sometimes resulting in respiratory issues, and, in extreme cases, even cancer.

Even better, when you're done with your mattress, which on average last nearly five years longer than the typical mattress before decreasing in the support it provides, instead of going to a landfill to rot, or a recycling plant that will only recycle part of your mattress, latex mattresses fully decompose within a number of years, returning to the earth naturally. This prevents latex mattresses from simply sitting in a landfill, as so many kinds of mattresses do.

A forest, and a bowl full of sap.

We ensure our latex harvesting is sustainable and fair trade certified, and that every step of our process is monitored and tested to ensure safety, high standards, and only the best for your sleep.

As someone who has dedicated her life to ensuring everyone can be well rested to pursue their dreams, you can rest easy knowing that I have studied and learned from every experience I've had, both good and bad, to only offer the best, and to work with you to find the best fit for you.

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