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The Benefits of Living Seasonally

Here at IAdjust Mattresses, we care about you. Your comfort, your health, and everything that comes with those topics.

It's why instead of simply focusing on just your bedroom and the health of your mattress, we post resources for all sorts of topics, ranging from environmental news to other health-focused topics!

But, where our focus shines is the intersection of healthy living, and care for the planet!

And living seasonally is one of the perfect mixes of these!

Before we get into how to live seasonally, let's talk about why.

You should live seasonally

There are many benefits to living seasonally, both for yourself and for the planet!

Living seasonally can look like many things, though most know it most as eating what happens to be in season! Not only are you able to support local farmers and artisans, but support yourself and your wallet!

Food is cheaper when in season, not to mention more nutritional! Consider the tasty flavor of a tomato ripened in the sun, rather than one made in a lab or hothouse, made to consider ripening times and shelf life rather than flavor.

Not to mention, tomatoes grown naturally are more nutritionally dense at the peak of the season, whereas foods grown using chemicals tend to lack comparably in nutrients.

Not to mention, supporting local businesses can save you money in the long run, reduce carbon emissions bigger companies may use to transport foods hundreds of miles, and help you learn about local foods!

So, how do we live seasonally?

Try to keep in mind what's in season, food-wise! While it may vary from area to area, the chart above is a general rule for what's in season!

However, this doesn't bode well for those who love berries and fruits all year round. Thankfully, frozen fruits and veggies have the same nutritional value as of fresh foods, possibly even more, if they were harvested during the peak of the season!

This can save you a lot of money, as if you buy from people with far too much in their harvest, you can freeze them and eat them year long, rather than having to spend near double their usual price if you get a craving in the middle of winter.

Celebrate! Celebrate the change of the seasons, the beginnings of the seasons, the middle of the seasons, and all of the holidays in between!

This will help you feel in tune with the seasons, appreciate them, and use what is available during the time!

Natural living does not have to be boring or expensive. We pride ourselves on offering clean, natural mattresses for low prices, and offering other ways to live naturally as well!

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