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The Benefits of Latex vs Coils and Memory Foam

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Hey there readers! We just survived one of the hottest heatwaves in Portland’s history! Whilst the summer weather is always welcomed here in America, there’s a limit, and I think we can all safely say that recently? That limit has been pushed to the extreme. I hope everyone out there has been doing well!

However, I’m sure a lot of you would be delighted to know a few things, especially about our products that you probably had no idea of beforehand! Did you know that latex mattresses don’t hold in heat? Unlike memory foam, which may be comfortable, if you sleep on one of those during a time like this? You’ll be waking up more than a few times, having kicked all your blankets off to the floor.

A mountain in the distance, with a forest in front of it.

As an Oregonian, I hate the heat. I live here for the rain and the snow, the gorgeous mountains and rivers, not the baking heat. Go down to California for that. However, do you know what I love? The fact that latex mattresses offer more support for your back than the traditional coil, or “spring” mattresses do.

While we’re on the topic, do you know what else I hate? Fossil fuels. Congratulations! We’re burning dead dinosaurs and polluting the collective ecosystem of planet Earth in the process! It’s inhumane, careless, and unnatural. But do you know what is natural? Latex! It’s all naturally sourced materials, and it lasts for 10-15 years. Memory foam on the other hand only lasts for about ten before it starts to feel uncomfortable and lose its plush. Coil mattresses? Don’t even count on it! Do you really like the fact that you’re sleeping on metal wires, wrapped in cotton?

The inside of a coil mattress, lot's of coils.

Latex is truly the only option if you're comparing it against coils and memory foam!

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