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Shopping Small

Everyone is constantly told to shop locally, to buy from small businesses. But, what does this really mean? And what are the benefits of this?

One of the most obvious is it strengthening the local economy! Say you spend a dollar at a local business. That person then spends that dollar at the ice cream shop. The man who runs the ice cream shop spends that dollar buying a cup, and so on, and so on. That one dollar goes far when you spend it locally.

In a larger business, it usually gets saved and left to gather dust in a bank account, or spent overseas. None of that returns to the local economy! When you spend locally, you do so much more than just giving money to one business. You're supporting your entire community.

Additionally, smaller businesses have a better effect on the local environment! Locally owned businesses tend to buy locally, reducing less transportation and outsourcing! We tend to consume less land, create less local pollution, and less loss of natural habitats! A small business is usually far more transparent than a larger company. It's easier to see where they get their products, easier to see how they treat their employees, and easier to see where the money goes! Usually, directly into the economy.

All of this, without even mentioning the superior customer service, the personal relationships that come from this, and the superior products that have been made just for you! A small business genuinely values you and your business, and wants to make sure that you're happy with your product! We can interact on the individual level, rather than seeing you as a number on a chart or a statistic. We can make friendships and genuine relationships!

As a small business, I can assure you, we genuinely try to make relationships and friendships with every person that comes in our door, whether you end up buying anything or not! We're here to support you, and make sure that you are taken care of. We'll never try to force a sale on you or convince you to buy the more expensive option. Instead, we're working to find the right fit for you, no matter what that means!

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