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The New Year is here, along with resolutions!

Sadly, we all know what happens with the majority of resolutions. About a month in, we give up, fall off the wagon, or any other thing happens. Why?

The majority of the time, we make too big of goals or set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Progress should be slow, but steady! And our commitment to the environment should be no different!

So, here are some reasonable resolutions for the new year!

1. Purchase a reusable water bottle

Not only can this help you with your resolutions on health, but it'll also help the planet! Plastic water bottles contribute nearly 1000 g of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere! So, not only does the production of plastic harm the environment, but after you're done, it continually harms the planet, taking up to 1000 years to fully decompose.

So, get a reusable water bottle! Easy to make your health goals, and treat the planet a little bit better, with one purchase!

2. get involved

Getting involved in local politics doesn't have to be complex, expensive, or time-consuming! Something as simple as signing a few petitions and making sure your voice is heard, or reading up on what your representatives are working towards before you vote! Just ten minutes spent can help you pick between the people vying for your vote!

Additionally, hold your representatives accountable! For those with a bit more free time on their hands, organizing and talking about your local environment could be a good thing to fill up that time!

3. Manage your power well

Not only will managing your power consumption help the planet, but it'll also help your wallet! Instead of reaching for the thermostat, think about putting on a sweater or a blanket! Unplug your devices if you don't use them often, and make sure to turn the lights off in a room you're not using! This can save a huge chunk on your electricity bill, and keep up to 2000 pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere.

4. Buy a latex mattress

You knew it was coming. But, we truly do believe in our mattresses shaping a better future, tonight! With a comfortable, luxury feel at an affordable price, these mattresses are fully biodegradable, made of natural products, and chemical-free! Not to mention, your purchase supports the trees that make the latex sap, which actively removes carbon from the atmosphere! Those trees are tapped till the end of their lifespan, in which they are recycled into furniture, and the next generation is planted!

All in all, you shouldn't hold yourself to impossible standards. It's a good way to become discouraged very quickly. Instead, make sustainable, convenient changes! The fight against climate change is a marathon, not a sprint. together, we can hope to make real, mighty changes!

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