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Organic ≠ Boring

Despite what many people might think, organic and natural don't mean boring!

Just because something is all-natural has never meant that it is boring, works poorly, or is worse than its polluting equivalents!

In fact, as more and more people realize the importance of working to better than planet's health, more and more organic options are being offered!

While ten years ago, many options were indeed boring or plain, the more people join, the more fun options there are!

For example, our mattresses!

People might think organic means they have to sleep on a slab of rock, with no pillows and only scratchy unprocessed wool as a blanket, they'd be wrong!

Our mattresses can be soft or firm as you like, without losing support! The wool and cotton cover is soft, fire-resistant, and most importantly: not scratchy!

Not to mention our latex pillows, also made with wool and cotton covers for breathability, anti-bacterial properties, and comfort!

While our sheets only come in one color at the moment, there are plenty of eco-friendly options that come with either organic dyes or at least, synthetic chemical-free dyes!

In short, living an organic or eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't mean that all fun has suddenly been canceled. As more and more people understand the importance, more and more scientific strives are made to ensure that living an ecofriendly lifestyle is comfortable, fun, and easy!

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