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Latex Support

Ah, a brand new mattress! Nothing quite like it. But, when shopping for a new mattress, many people make a few mistakes.

Namely, mistaking firmness for the support! So many believe that in order to get the best support for their body, they have to sacrifice comfort and plushness, but. What if we didn't have to sacrifice comfort for support?

Why It Matters

If a mattress does not offer adequate support, you will more than likely wake up sore or in pain. Firmness relates more to how comfortable a mattress feels initially. Whether hard or soft, the optimal firmness level goes hand-in-hand with comfort.

Additionally, over time, a lack of support can result in more serious back and neck issues. Lack of quality sleep affects every aspect of our life and health, including our immune system! In these times more than ever, our immune system being strong is very important!

Genuinely, our body needs quality rest, and plenty of it! Without being able to relax, our blood is not able to circulate, delivering key nutrients that allow our muscles and body to repair themselves.

The Myth

Where did this myth come from? It's been an old wives tale for many years that a firmer mattress is the cure to any back pain or posture issues someone might have. The truth? Is a bit more complicated than that.

Namely, there is no one type of mattress that will fit everyone. As the old saying goes, everybody is entirely unique! Sadly, what's good for the goose is not always good for the gander, and it's very important to listen to your body when it comes to what support you need.

Our body type affects our support needs. Someone with wider hips or shoulders will likely need a softer mattress in order to fully relax. Without a plush mattress, shoulders are not allowed to sink down, and nothing will rise up to fill the gaps in between. This can cause even worse back problems.

What's The Best?

Most experts agree that if you're not sure what your body type requires, go medium-firm! However, with a latex mattress, there's a completely different support system than the typical memory foam.

Latex feels completely different from the average mattress, and will give you much better support overall!

So, in summary, listen to your body! And when your body asks for a latex mattress, come to IAdjust Sleep Solutions!

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