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Latex Pillows, and Why They're the Best

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Hey, did you hear about those corduroy pillowcases?

They're making headlines everywhere!

Pillow quality is certainly no joke, as pillows are nearly as important as your mattress when it comes to a high quality of sleep, and sadly, many people skimp on the pillows. It's understandable, no one wants to buy an expensive pillow after splurging on the bed of their dreams, but not having a good pillow can result in many issues.

A white pillow on a table.

Neck and back pain, shoulder and neck numbness, and general discomfort are just a few of the symptoms of poor pillow quality, not to mention the general adverse effects of poor sleep.

Whether it's too soft or too firm, finding the right pillow is difficult, but thankfully not impossible!

Most people's first mistake is thinking that their only options are the classic feather-down or fiber pillows, without even considering the benefits of the new pillow material on the scene, latex!

Latex pillows come with many benefits besides comfort and customizability.

Latex comes with the benefits of being breathable and cool, rather than memory foam, which notoriously holds onto heat. There are few things worse than a warm pillow, interrupting your cool night's sleep. Latex is naturally cooling, allowing you to rest comfortably whether you are a hot or cold sleeper!

A pile of pillows.

Along with that, latex is natural, while memory foam is synthetic. This can be harmful, as memory foam can off-gas, releasing chemicals into the air. This can be especially dangerous if there are children using the pillow, or any other vulnerable part of the population.

Latex is additionally anti-fungal, mildew resistant, and hypoallergenic! This can waive fears of molding or other harmful things happening to your pillow.

Latex comes in a variety of styles and comfort levels, all while still providing the support you need! Whether you like a pound cake type pillow, or something more comparable to angel food cake, or just something thin to rest your head on, latex is sure to have something for you!

Genuinely, there are few other pillows I would consider besides latex. You shouldn't have to sprinkle sugar under your pillow just for sweet dreams, Latex helps support you and your rest!

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