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Incorporating Nature in your Home

The best parts of nature are wonderful, wonderful things. Gorgeous views, waterfalls, forests, cliffs, and deserts. And yet, as much as they are needed, the more annoying parts of nature, like allergies or bugs, can be a bit annoying.

And, in today's modern world where many of us spend more time at home than ever before, how do we reconnect with nature, without having to deal with the less savory parts?


Recently, there are larger and larger trends of people incorporating nature, plants, and natural chemical-free products into their home decor, and we could not be more in support of it!

Not only can introducing local and native plants into your home help the environment around you, but they can also be very pretty and give your home that unique vibe as well!

Additionally, there are recorded benefits of keeping, tending to, and caring for plants within your home! Whether it's as small as a few succulents, or you have a mini garden in your home, we're here to give some decor ideas, as well as tips for keeping different types of plants, and which ones might be the best for your home!

hanging pots

Hanging pots are an easy way to add some beauty and life to a room! Whether you choose a more busy aloe plant that grows upward or a string of hearts or pearls that will out and over and down, hanging pots are super fun and customizable!

We recommend native plants, of course, along with ones that are more suited to smaller pots and don't need a large space for their roots!


If you have the room and don't mind the fresh scent of plants while you sleep, headboards can make great spots for climbing plants, like vines! Additionally, think about planting some lavender or peppermint, to let the natural scents soothe you as you sleep!

For an additional eco-friendly boost, get a headboard from IAdjust Mattresses! Made from recycled trees that no longer produced latex, you can be assured that it was harvested in a sustainable manner, from a fair trade plantation! Coming in a variety of styles. there's certain to be one that fits your tastes!

useful plants

Looking to get a bit more use out of your plants, beyond clean fresh air, and looking beautiful? Think about planting some natural herbs! Many herbs thrive in small jars, with only a little soil, rocks needed for drainage, and occasional watering! Mint especially is very hardy, whether you have a green thumb or not, mint is very difficult to kill!

Fresh herbs especially often carry a greater depth of flavor and taste better in general than herbs you might find in a store.

Not to mention, you can be assured your herbs are organic, and pesticide-free!


Why is it important to have nature in your home?

Today, sadly, many people hardly have time to go to local parks, forests, or other natural beauties.

And yet, many public health researchers conclude and agree, that being around nature can reduce anger, fear, and stress! Additionally, it can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension.

Being more connected with nature has been proven to help people comprehend the actual effects of climate change, from large-scale changes to the effects on our local ecosystems! When we can see the effect on our homes, people are far more likely to pay attention, care, and make changes in their own activities to positively affect the world!

Who knows, a tiny cactus inside can lead to someone adopting a local creek and cleaning it up, or signing more petitions for eco-friendly legislature!

in summary

In summary, even the smallest plant can make a big difference in your mood, your decor, and your local ecosystem!

See about complimenting these plants with an equally eco-friendly, chemical-free, VOC-free, organic mattress and headboard!

Thanks for reading!

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