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Importance of Sleep

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

I think we all know the surface-level consequences of not getting enough sleep. Nodding off during work, slower reflexes, not thinking clearly.

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Sadly, coffee can only do so much to give us a quick perk in the morning, but. What are the other consequences of not getting enough sleep? While there are far too many to properly list, here are a few of the most impacting results of pulling a few too many all-nighters!

Truly, while getting enough sleep may sometimes be viewed as a luxury few can afford, it is something you cannot afford to go without.

Your health will thank you for forgoing that extra Grey's Anatomy episode, as people who don't get enough sleep have been shown to have poorer immune systems. T cells, the cells that hunt down infectious bacteria, peak in production while you are asleep. Additionally, the chemicals that regulate appetite are thrown into chaos. This can result in weight gain, diabetes, and even an increased risk for heart disease.

A woman sleeping in front of an alarm clock.

Chemicals that control appetite aren't the only ones who are disturbed by a continued lack of sleep. Hormones that control growth and repair cells are released during the daytime, but as anyone who works out knows, sleep is one of the most important steps for recovery from the harm put on your cells on a day today.

Even cells other than ones on the inside! A lack of sleep has been linked to acne breakouts and a puffy face. As anyone who has faced exhaustion knows, it's nearly impossible to hide sleeplessness.

Staying up to go to work? You might want to stay home and nap, if you want to give your best work. Sleep deprivation has been shown to affect impulse control, memory, and concentration. There's a reason doctors recommend turning in early if you have a presentation or something important that you need to be at your best for.

Finally, life is just worse when you're not well-rested. Studies have shown pain hurts more when you're sleepy, you're more likely to be depressed, and you're more likely to be cranky and stressed out, which can make sleeping even harder!

As you can see, while you may think that a TV show is worth staying up to finish, the long-term effects of poor sleep don't even out.

A modern, white bedroom with blue pillows on a white bedroom.

This is why it's important to have a quality mattress, and a bedroom you can fully relax in.

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