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Frequently Asked Questions

On the internet, there are miles and miles worth of pages of misinformation. Inevitably, this is going to cause some confusion on who's right, who's wrong, who's faking citations and certifiability and who is the real deal.

That's why, today, in an effort to reduce misinformation, we're going to answer some of our most frequently asked questions!


Is latex in a mattress good?

We might be a bit biased here, but we think latex is the best material for a mattress! More supportive, durable, and comfortable than other materials, not to mention the eco-friendly and renewable resources it comes from!

Does a latex mattress make you hot?

Thankfully, no! A latex mattress will not make you sleep any hotter. Thanks to latex's open cell structure that allows more air movement between areas of the bed, you can rest easy knowing that your bed is not trapping heat below you like memory foam might. Double that if you get a coils latex hybrid mattress, which allows even more air flow through the material!

Do natural latex mattresses sag?

Eventually, every mattress will sag. However, while your average mattress will start to break down in 5-10 years, from perspiration and natural breaking down of the foam, latex will last almost double that, at 15-20 years. In fact, you're more likely to need a different type of support due to aging, or get bored of the feel, before the bed will break down, soften, or sag.

What are the disadvantages of a latex mattress?

Like all mattresses, there is a downside to a latex bed. Namely, solid latex can be a bit pricier than synthetic foams on the market. However, this problem is easily avoided by not buying a solid latex mattress, and instead buying a hybrid! We recommend coils, with layers of foam on top for comfort, though there are memory foam mattresses with latex comfort layers on top.

Is latex good for side sleepers?

Latex is good for all sleepers! Side, back, or stomach, latex is known to be one of the most supportive mattresses, no matter your sleeping style! In fact, how you sleep can be more attributed to your pillow height, as latex will support your body completely.

If your pillow height is too high or too low, it can cause you to sleep with an unaligned spine, causing pain when you wake up, even if your bed is supportive.

Is latex firmer than memory foam?

This depends on the variety of beds you're talking about! Latex can come in from soft as a cloud, to as hard as a rock, all to fit what people want! The only difference in these beds is to feel, harder does not mean more supportive.

In summary

We love answering your questions! If you have any, please feel free to message us, either using our talk form or on social media!

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