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Finding the Latex Mattress for You

So, you've decided you want a latex mattress! Fantastic! But how do you find the right one for you? While choosing between Dunlop and Talalay might be easy for some, the additional options of choosing how many inches, comfort level, and who to buy from can add extra complications!

First, let's discuss the benefits of latex mattresses in general! Buckle up, because there are many.

Firstly, latex is extremely comfortable. Like memory foam, latex will mold to your body to provide support to your pressure points and relief to joints and sore spots, promoting proper spine alignment and good circulation. Unlike memory foam, latex doesn't break down, heat up, or off-gas!

Latex lasts nearly twice as long as other mattresses! The average lifespan of a memory foam mattress is 8 to 10 years, while latex lasts 15 to 20.

Not to mention, latex is natural! Made from the sap of a rubber tree, without killing the tree, there are no harmful chemicals used in the making of, or in the actual material of a latex mattress. Ethically sourced wool, steel, cotton, and latex all allow you to feel good about your mattress! Superbly comfortable, and made in a way that supports local workers and the environment? Other types of mattresses simply cannot match up.

With a natural resistance to mold, mites, and allergen-free, latex additionally doesn't give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOC's cause a variety of issues, and are what give new mattresses that signature distasteful smell. It's the same thing that causes paint, paint strippers, glue and permanent markers to all have that strong scent.

As anyone who's inhaled paint fumes for too long can tell you, they probably didn't feel the best after breathing those in.

But did you know that there are additional effects than lightheadedness and a headache?

There are! They vary, according to a few factors, but notably, vulnerable populations such as the sick, children, and elderly, feel these effects more than others.

Everything from nose, eye, and throat irritation, to loss of coordination and nausea, and even damage to the kidneys and liver, and even, in extreme cases, certain forms of cancer!

Thankfully, latex is made with no chemicals, and does not off-gas at all!

Certified to have fair rubber trade, all of our rubber is sourced ethically, and our producers are paid fair wages, and we have achieved sustainable and equitable trade relationships. We seek to promote greater equity in international trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency, and respect. By offering and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers in developing countries, we can ensure that none of our products are made with exploitation or unpaid labor.

Our wool is cruelty-free, and sustainably harvested! Blended with cotton, it makes for a breathable, wicking, naturally flame resistant, and warm cover!

Lastly, latex is the most eco-friendly material there is in mattresses!

Harvesting latex from the tree does not harm the tree at all and incentivizes countries to plant more trees. Two latex trees can remove up to one MT of carbon from the atmosphere in 25 years. By making latex mattresses, we are providing a financial incentive to keep these trees taken care of and alive. Not to mention the other materials we use in the mattress. Ethically sourced and cruelty-free wool and cotton provide natural moisture-wicking abilities, along with temperature regulating abilities to keep you cool during the summer, and warm during winter!

So, what's the difference between Dunlop and Talalay?

Well, to answer this properly, we need to look into the history of these mattresses, and how they're made.

Latex was first invented by a man named Scott Dunlop. He made the mattress by simply pouring the sap into the mold, baking it, washing it, and then baking it once more. This resulted in a dense and springy mattress! Do not forget, these mattresses are still comfortable, but Dunlop has more of a pound cake feel, compared to the angel cake of Talalay.

Talalay was made when three brothers, last name Talalay, refined the process! Instead of filling the mold entirely, they developed a process where they only filled it up halfway, then sealing it. Using a vacuum, the latex is then expanded to fill the mold. Carbon dioxide is then pushed into it, causing the mattress to gel and solidify. It is then baked and washed, then baked again.

While this is more energy-intensive than the Dunlop process, it results in a less dense, springier feel!

Of course, feel can vary if the mattress is made with chemicals or synthetic products, rather than being pure latex. We are proud to say our line of IAdjust Mattresses contains 95% or more organic materials! We have rigorously tested our mattresses and the process we use to make them, and have received many certifications to attest to the quality and effort that goes into making the best mattresses we can!

Latex mattresses are increasingly popular for their extreme comfort and durability. They are also associated with eco-friendly practices and enhanced sleep health. Instead of off-gassing, latex mattresses give off a pleasant, natural smell, one many say is reminiscent of fresh vanilla! A far more pleasant smell than harmful chemicals!

From there, it's simply a matter of comfort! More inches allow more room to sink down in comfort, softer than fewer inches. However, inches does not mean more or less quality, it's simply for your comfort!

So, in summary, while a latex mattress is better than others, the differences between these are simply for comfort!

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