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Eco-Health on a Budget

We've all seen it. The social media influencer, proudly announcing their new

green drink, which only costs 100 dollars a month to drink.

In truth, we're all aware that these so-called green things do not really help us or the environment, so why are we buying them?

Because we know nothing else.

So, to help that here are some tips for being eco-friendly on a budget!

- Reuse products

One of the most obvious answers is to reuse products, but how about using them in non-obvious ways? Old plastic water bottles make for great planters for a plant you don't want spreading, like mint or invasive species!

Containers of all sorts can be used to make unique cups or art pieces, or be used as storage!

-Shop Local

Try shopping at the local farmers' market! Both to support local businesses and to cut down on the hundreds of pollutants that come from supporting big businesses. Whether the CO2 emissions produced by trucks delivering nonlocal goods, unregulated amounts of pesticides and chemicals being sprayed on your food, and the simple fact that larger businesses have a harder time being transparent about how they grew their crops and how they run their business.

Farmers markets allow you to meet at a 1 on 1 level, and ensure the products you're buying are up to your standard!

Additionally, farmer's markets may inspire you to start your own garden, or join a local community garden!


In general, shop less. Buy less. Think of whether you really do need things. Truly, we are a nation of avid consumers, always eager to hop onto the latest trends for no other reason than to be fashionable.

As I've talked about in our fast-fashion posts, this harms the environment and the economy in extreme ways! Simply holding onto clothes a couple of months longer can reduce their carbon impact by 60%!

While it's perfectly alright to want new clothes a couple of times a year and to look fashionable, trends dying in a matter of months are harmful to both your wallet and your local landfill, which is where 90% of clothes, even donated clothes, end up.

Additionally, reduce your private travel by taking a train or a bus! They can be even more convenient, as they allow you to focus on tasks other than driving!


Think of you can recycle. Those kitchen scraps can be used to make compost to spread on your lawn or plants! The water used while waiting for the shower to heat up can be caught and used to water plants, feed pets, or do any number of water projects!

Or, take your latex bed, which is completely recyclable and biodegradable, and keep it from filling up a landfill like 90% of other mattresses!

In general, there are many tips and tricks that can even save you money, rather than costing you hundreds each month. If saving the planet isn't enough to motivate you, saving your wallet should be!

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