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Rubber Tree

Our Latex

Curious about our latex? 

We have gone the extra mile to ensure a quality product for you and your family, and are so proud of all we have accomplished! By working together with other companies and certifiers, we're certain we've made on of the best eco-friendly beds on the market!

Often compared to pound cake, natural Dunlop latex foam has been made using tried and true methods from the 1920s. Although processing methods have advanced, this is foam rubber made the way it should, before synthetic (and toxic) chemicals were substituted for natural or organic rubber serum. Dunlop is the densest natural latex, and one of the most flexible in the support it offers!

What is Dunlop Latex?

Dunlop latex is made from pure latex serum, or sap, which is tapped from beneath the bark of the rubber tree. The sap is harvested, whipped into froth, and then baked into sheets in huge steam molds. Natural sediments in the mixture settle to the bottom of the mold, making Dunlop layers a bit denser on the bottom side. This process allows one to easily fine-tune their mattress, just by flipping it over! Dunlop is comfortable, durable, and can provide both softness AND support.

If you're a sleeper who is looking for pressure point relief, Talalay latex is one of the leading mattresses for soft, gentle comfort. Often compared to angel cake, this wonderful mattress is almost fluffy compared to Dunlop. For those looking for a softer and lighter experience, Talaly is one of the best alternatives to Dunlop!  While different, both mattresses are exceptionally durable, with a longer lifespan compared to other mattresses!  

Dunlop Mattresses

In our customizable organic mattresses, iAdjust Mattresses uses Dunlop latex from a supplier that has gone the extra miles to have not only its rubber trees but also its latex processing certified organic, according to the USDA’s National Organic Program standards by the Control Union, an international certifying authority. Their natural Dunlop latex also meets the GOLS (Global Organic Latex) standard. Their labor practices have even been audited for fair-trade standards by Intertek.


Comfortable, Adaptable Support

Dunlop yields to the body, but is not “bouncy.” For people who need a comfortable and reliable sleeping surface, it’s ideal. People with back pain really appreciate Dunlop’s consistent, stable support. Softer Dunlop layers at the top of a mattress can cushion gently, while medium and/or firm layers below offer structure and support. Due to the more natural products and processes, Dunlop is far less expensive than Talaly. Anyone who enjoys a soft, yet supportive, mattress is sure to love Dunlop!

Material Purity

Mattresses made with organic or natural Dunlop latex have met and exceeded GreenGuard’s standards for low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. In fact, iAdjust Mattresses products are GreenGuard GOLD certified! Achieving the GreenGuard GOLD standard requires rising up to meet even higher standards that guarantee product safety for even the most vulnerable populations, including children and the elderly. The natural Dunlop we use has also earned approval from the Eco Institute—a European material testing organization that demands purity standards far higher than those required in the United States.

With all this in mind, Dunlop is certainly one of the top choices for everyone, even the strictest of eco-friendly shoppers!

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