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All Natural and Sustainable

Our latex mattresses are made with only the finest natural and organic materials. 

From responsible forest management to ethically gathered organic wool, to organic blended cotton and organic latex, no step of the making of a latex mattress is overlooked in being both the best of its kind and eco-friendly. There is no doubt about the wonderful quality of the latex mattress. These plantations are carefully managed to ensure their growth is sustainable, with specific routines in place to not compromise the health of any of their trees. Knowing your mattress is sustainably made only contributes to one of the best nights of sleep of your life. 

A forest of rubber trees.


Organic Mattress Support and Comfort

IAdjust Sleep Solutions, with it’s very own eco latex plantation, leaves no wonder as to why quality is so very high. Latex naturally has an open-cell structure, allowing for excellent airflow without compromising on support and quality. Latex mattresses are also naturally resistant to mold and mites, and free of allergens, allowing for worry-free sleep!


Our organic wool is top-notch in making sure you have a comfortable sleep!

 With so many benefits, such as being hypoallergenic, mold and mildew resistant, wicking and temperature regulating, it’s hard not to see the benefits of such a wonderful fiber. Additionally, wool is completely recyclable, whereas synthetics are doomed to fill a landfill, as synthetics quickly lose resiliency with age, while wool keeps its springy support for ages!

Unlike synthetics, wool is naturally fire-resistant, burning with a self-extinguishing flame. Synthetic materials melt, which are more likely to form severe burns.

Sheep in a dark green field.
Cotton Flowers


Moisture and Temperature Control

 Like wool, cotton is one of the most versatile materials, and we make sure to use only the highest quality organic blended cotton. Able to control moisture and temprature, while being hypoallergenic and a high tensile strength making it to difficult to rip and tear, cotton combines with wool to allow for only the most comfortable and soothing sleep. 


Support and Structure

With such a fine bed, it’s equally important to have a fine support structure. Using steel allows for a bed free of sagging, even weight distribution, and a properly aerated mattress that allows for a cool and relaxing rest. Hundreds of coils made of only the highest quality steel allow for a long-term and durable mattress that lasts far longer than the average mattress!

Melting steel.
White mattress top.


To Allow A Worryfree Sleep

 Tested for both harmful substances and VOCs, these mattresses have been tested to ensure they are only the highest quality. In fact, iAdjust Mattresses products are GreenGuard GOLD certified! With a guaranteed product safety for even those most at risk in our population, it’s hard to count this as anything else but one of the best mattresses out there. 

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